Karhusaaren huvila


Karhusaari, one of the last undeveloped coastline areas in Espoo, is an important place for outdoor activities and recreation. It is also the only intact urban farm complex in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The buildings and land of the unique area with its ancient tombs were protected by a preservation plan in the 1990s in order to safeguard its cultural-historical and natural values for future generations.

This protection plan is a guarantee of Karhusaari’s existence. If the current protection plan is dismantled, it will be possible to split Karhusaari into parts, rent or sell the area to builders who can heavily modify it. It would allow private or commercial operators to carry out even large construction projects without restrictions. Following the dismantling of the protection plan, the buildings on Karhusaari would also lose their historical value when modernized to serve the needs of a demanding operator. How many scenic and historic areas can we still afford to lose?

The city of Espoo intends to increase the functionality of the Karhusaari area. The aim of the municipal initiative is to promote the outdoor activities of the Karhusaari area and the diverse use of buildings accoring to the protection plan, respecting the cultural and historical identity of the area and taking into account the structural constraints of existing buildings. The environment of the area, with its old buildings and gardens, is in urgent need of repair, but the objective must be primarily cultural rather than economical gain. The protection plan must be the starting point and basis for the future plans.

Espoo’s Karhusaari Island must be preserved as a unique and valuable natural and cultural historical site in accordance with the protection plan.

Additional information on the initiative Contact information: prokarhusaariry@gmail.com

Presently, the municipal initiative is managed by the association Pro Karhusaari ry, which supports the cultural and historical values of Karhusaari and the maintenance of the protection plan. The association is non-political.

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